The Study of conversational maxims in play entitled LUV

Widjojo, Lyly Wulandari (2000) The Study of conversational maxims in play entitled LUV. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is study of conversational maxims that are found in the conversations that occur between characters: Milt, Ellen and Harry in the play LUV It is about the relationship between friends (Milt and Harry/Harry and Ellen) and a couple (Milt and Ellen/Ellen and Harry). Throughout this study, the writer wants to analyse what conversational maxims that are used by each character (when talking to the other and vise versa). Besides, she also discusses what the relationship between the characters or how the conversational maxims are used. The importance of this study is to make people understand that everybody can violate or obey one or more conversational maxims. The limiation of her discussion pairs and each pair consists of four fragments. The writer t hinks that the play is worth discussing because basically, the existance of man is unseparable of violating or obeying the conversational maxims. In analysing this conversational maxims, she uses The Cooperative Principles and The Maxims by Paul Grice (1975) that are used to decide whether the utterances obey those maxims or violate them. She chooses this play since Murray Schisgal's work entitled LUV amused New York audiences during a long run. And she finally found that all of the conversational maxims are used in the play and the relation between characters influances the Conversational Maxims whether he/she violates or obyes.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: conversational maxims, discourse analysis, linguistics
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