The Functions of interrogative sentences used by the female boarders in their chatting

Puspasari, Shelvy (2005) The Functions of interrogative sentences used by the female boarders in their chatting. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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In a conversation, there is always a question sentence that coming up. It means that there is an interrogative sentence of speakers. Chatting is one of the types of conversations in informal situation. This study analyzed the functions of interrogative sentence, which are used by female boarders at the boarding house and the function that is most frequently used by the boarders. Why the writer chose the conversation at the boarding house, because the topic that female use at will be a natural conversation. Besides, the boarders will more relax when they chat with the other boarders. This research might help the readers in understanding the use of the functions of the interrogative sentences in chatting in order to prevent misunderstanding or misinterpretation. The writer employed descriptive qualitative approach in this study. The data were obtained through recording the subjects at the boarding house while they were chatting for an hour. In analyzing the data, the writer firstly transcribed the collected data into written form. Secondly, she identified the function of the interrogative sentences that are used by the female boarders in chatting at the boarding house. The data then were analyzed by classifying the functions of interrogative sentences according to Yvan Putseys (1994). The findings show that the female boarders mostly used the function of `Seeking Information? (32.4%). The second function, which occurred, was `Affirmation or negation? (20.6%). The third function is `Suggestion, invitation, or advice? (14.7%). The fourth function is `Offering? (11.8%). The fifth function is `Mocking? (5.9%). The sixth function is `Requesting? (5.9%). While the function of `Having a Negative Orientation?, `A Strong Negative Orientation?, and `Impatience or annoyance? (2.9%) occurred the three least. From the percentages, it could be noticed that the female boarders mostly used the function of seeking information; it is because women are always curious about anything that happen around them.

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