A Study of compliment-giving as seen on "Ceriwis", a talk show program on Trans TV

Marpaung, Risma Natalia (2005) A Study of compliment-giving as seen on "Ceriwis", a talk show program on Trans TV. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study about compliment-giving is conducted to find out what topics that are used and most occurred on the "CERIWIS", a talk show program on TransTv. Since there are 2 presenters whose gender are female and male, the writer of the present study is interested to investigate what topics of compliments are preferred by each gender, and whether there are any similarities or differences between them in giving compliments to their female and male guests (artists). This research was a qualitative research. The writer got the data from 5 episodes of the talks show program. She transcribed the conversations among the presenters and their guests. Then she classified the topics of compliments. Finally she analyzed and calculated the data to answer her research questions. The findings show that the female presenter uses four topics of compliments, namely ability, appearance, possessions and speech act whereas the male presenter only uses two topics, namely specific act and appearance. The female presenter mostly compliments the female artists for their appearance and the male artists for their ability. The male presenter, on the other hand, compliments his guests for their specific act. However, both presenters had similarity, i.e. they did not comment much on their guest? possessions.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: compliments, topics of compliments, gender differences
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