A Study of George Bernard Shaw's satire on medical proffesion in the doctor's dilema

Krestanti, Yulita (2001) A Study of George Bernard Shaw's satire on medical proffesion in the doctor's dilema. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study is about George Bernard Shaw's satire on medical profession. Bernard Shaw who likes to write criticism on social problem sees medical profession differently from the society at that time. Through The Doctor's Dilemma he wants to satirize the medical profession. He thinks that medical profession can do the wrong things for the patients. Since this fact is different from the society's"opinion, the writer of this thesis is curious to know the aspects of medical profession that Shaw satirizes and the way he satirizes it. Through all the doctor characters, the writer will find out the aspects of medical profession and also the way he does it. Besides, she also uses some literary theories to discuss it. She will use the theory of characterization and theory of satire. Here, the writer finds that the doctor is not like what people at that time thought. The doctor also has the bad sides. It means that doctor is not always on the right position. Actually, Shaw's explanation shows that doctor is jus t human beings and has the characteristics of human beings. The doctor can make a mistake and tell a lie. Shaw also shows that there is the doctor with an average ability. Through this fact, Shaw wants to show the right position for doctors is next to othe r human beings.

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