Pengaruh relationship marketing terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Finna Golf and country club resort di Pandaan, Jawa Timur

Hartanto, Felly and Rusianto, Fransisca Novita (2001) Pengaruh relationship marketing terhadap loyalitas pelanggan Finna Golf and country club resort di Pandaan, Jawa Timur. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This research is aimed to know the influence of Relationship Marketing on Loyalitas Pelanggan at Finna Golf and Country Club Resort. Relationship Marketing and Loyalitas Pelanggan has been choosen for a research object to consider that the company have to maintained their customer loyalty. In order to gain more profit for their company and how to do that is to make their customer feel enjoy and satisfy with all service programme that company do for them. The service programme is called Relationship Marketing and with that programme the company can make their customer feel satisfy and then they will loyal to them. The sample was taken by using Probability Sampling. The population cover 500 members of Finna Golf and Country Club Resort while the taken sample consist of 50members (10 % of 500 members), the research period of 3 months (September-December 2000). The data were analyzed by Multiple Regression Method and we choose SPS-2000 , Sutrisno Hadi and Yuni Pamardiningsih Edition to solve the statistic calculation. From the result shown that from 3 factors of Relationship Marketing, financial benefit is the most influencer factor because it can influence 2 from 4 factors of Loyalitas Pelanggan. And for social benefit and structural ties, they only influence 1 from 4 factors of Loyalitas Pelanggan. From the result we also can find out that all factors from Relationship Marketing can only influence : To YI (regular repeat purchase) = 18,7 % To Y2 (purchase across product and service lines) = 15,7 % To Y3 (refers others) = 13,4 % So we can say that the programme of Relationship Marketing which already do byFinna Golf and Country Club cannot influence all factors of Loyalitas Pelanggan because the contribution of each factors is too low. To Y4 (demonstrates an immunity to the pull of competition) = 5,107 %

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: marketing research, consumers research, relationship marketng, finna golf and country club pandaan, jawa timur
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