Implementing leadership in cultural team in Spandershoeve restaurant

Novita, Dewi (2001) Implementing leadership in cultural team in Spandershoeve restaurant. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis about lmplementing Leadership in Cultural Team in Spandershoeve Restaurant is written as the final part of the Bachelor degree tor Hospitality Management. In order to examine leadership style to cultural team. In this thesis the writer has used qualitative research which begin with literature review that consist of' characteristic of the culture, that culture can be learned, the reason for using leadership in order to manage the culture, with the ending result to make the better motivated team, etc The second step in making this thesis is using interviews and analysis of the leadership in the restaurant Spandershoeve ,from the interviews and analysis which one based on the literature review can be concluded that in building a solid team in Spandershoeve need a certain type of leadership which is leadership in decision group ,the reason for using this type of leadership are based on the behavior of each individual who is coming from different culture back ground which is influence the working condition of the team From this thesis it is concluded that the right type of leadership is important in facing the different culture background, the reason for understanding others people culture and how to eliminate the communication barrier, etc in order to build a good team spirit These are some recommendations in order to built the best team spirit : I. communication : a process in which three elements are involved (the sender, receiver, and message). 2. motivation : something that can arouse people. 3. needs for affiliation : seeking and retaining friendship. 4. needs for power : an achievement on betterment and improvement, not equated with control or domination people. Since this is the first research in implementing leadership facing the different culture, further research is recommended to give more detail information's about this subject, this study can also be used as a starting point for further research.

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