A Study of styles of the language used in Joger T-shirt

Sugiharto, Rudi (2000) A Study of styles of the language used in Joger T-shirt. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Style is when the speaker or the writer uses a certain pattern or structure over and over again. It means that the writer does not use that pattern once, but many times. The style can show that someone's work is different from the others. It makes them have their own characteristics in using a language. Joger T-shirt has special styles in using a language to create the designs. The words and the sentences are funny and they are very popular among people. This thesis wants to find out what is the most dominant linguistics style, styles based on diction; styles based on sentence structure; and styles based on meaning, in Joger T-Shirt. This thesis is analyzed based on Kerafs classification theory of style (1984) and some definition of style from Traugott and Pratt (1980), Crystal and Davy (1969), and also Keraf (1984). After analyzing the data the writer found out that the dominant Style based on Diction was Spoken Style, the dominant Style based on Sentence Structure was Repetition style, and the most dominant Style based on Meaning was Rhetorical style. Those styles are Joger T-Shirt's style, it has Joger characteristics. Those styles show that Joger presented simple language to share meaningful ideas.

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