The Transformational processes in deletion on Archie's Digest Magazine

Christiana, Feby (2001) The Transformational processes in deletion on Archie's Digest Magazine. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This research used syntax theories to analyze transformation processes. It was to examine the use of transformational processes on deletion by describing the types of transformation processes and what kind the transform deletion are used. The writer chooses transformation processes on deletion as her study because she believes that human language always uses the transformation deletion in their daily conversation without realizing or not. Beside that, the writer described the frequencies of Transformation Processes on Deletion. The writer selected seven different stories in Archie's Digest magazine, number 17 and its issued in February 1990 as her source of data. The data from the seven stories were analyzed based on Akmajian and Heny's theories of transformation processes. She studied different topics of selected stories thoroughly. To collect the data, the writer used a qualitative approach by collecting the fragments from each comic strips and analyzing the Transformation Processes on Deletion in the dialogues. She did not start with a hypothesis and did not make any generalization. She was actively involved in collecting and analyzing the data. From the analysis, there were various types of transformational processes on deletion.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: transformation processes, transformation deletion
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