Derivational processes used in Supernova Petir

Tanaja, Louisa Maureen (2007) Derivational processes used in Supernova Petir. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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In a language, there are many words that emerge as an ordinary use, in this case derivational processes take an important part in Indonesian language. The writer takes Supernova Petir as the object of this study because the novel is about young people in Indonesia. Therefore, through this study the writer wants to find out the word formation processes used in the novel and the most common process used in it. For the theory of morphology and the word formation processes, the writer used Bauer?s classification (1983) as the main theory. The theory is also supported by Indonesian word formation processes theory by Chaer (1994), and Indonesian morphology theory by Ramlan (1967). The writer gets the data from Supernova Petir. The data is translated into English, and then analyzed based on Bauer?s theory. The finding shows that from 105 derivational words, 38 words have prefixes, 8 words have suffixes, and 62 words have both prefixes and suffixes.

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