The Lexical items used by the host in Empat Mata talk show of Trans 7 television station

Wijayanti, Vera (2007) The Lexical items used by the host in Empat Mata talk show of Trans 7 television station. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study investigates the lexical items used by Tukul in Empat Mata talk show in Trans7 television program, February 14th 2007. The writer analyzed the lexical items produced by Tukul as the host in the talk show. The writer applied David Crystal theory (1992) of language style and used Joos theory (1976) of speech styles, in particular casual style. The supporting theories are Holmes (1992), Moeliono (1993), and Richard (1985). In analyzing the data, firstly, the writer collected the data by streaming and downloading the recorded video from internet. Then, she transcribed it. Secondly, she identified the utterances used by Tukul based on Joos` categories of speech styles. The analysis is presented using tables, including the frequency of the occurrence of Indonesian words (standard and colloquial words), vernacular words (Jakartanese and Javanese words), foreign words (English and loan words), and delay words. Through the analysis, the writer found that Tukul`s speech was affected by the predominant standard Indonesian words sprinkled with colloquial Indonesian words, vernacular words, foreign words, and some delay words. Tukul used casual style in his shows. Using casual style can support the host to be more comfortable to communicate with the guest stars, and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: talk show, speech styles, casual style, lexical items
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