Perancangan komunikasi visual promosi Kota Araya Malang

, Sinliana (2004) Perancangan komunikasi visual promosi Kota Araya Malang. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Kota Araya Real Estate is one of much big real estate in Malang. Kota Araya has the concepts of city with nature nuances. It means Kota Araya must be ready for any facility development, which can make people who?s living in Kota Araya feels like in a city; and spaces that big enough for developing the facility and residences in a city?s scale. Till now, Kota Araya have their unique facility, that?s no real estate in Malang has it. That facility is golf course. With this concept and facilities, such as golf course, mall, and family club, makes Kota Araya well known, and become the most big and powerful real estate in Malang. To makes this concept done, Kota Araya need to develop their target audiences not only for people who is living in Malang, but for people in other country too, because to makes a city, there is need a lot of people living there. But the respect of audiences that?s living in other countries to Kota Araya need to be build, because they have less awareness about Kota Araya. So, with the right promotion strategies, target audience?s respect to Kota Araya can be made, and Kota Araya?s concepts to make a city with nature nuances can be reach easily.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: advertising, commercial, graphic arts, visual communication, real estate, concepts, audiences, promotion strategies
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