A Study on Nora's character change in Henrik Ibsen's a doll's house

Nikolay, Silvia (2006) A Study on Nora's character change in Henrik Ibsen's a doll's house. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The message in A Doll?s House which is passed on is about the equality for women. Through this study, I am curious to know how Nora changes, as the main character and the reason of her to change. Therefore, this study is conducted to find out those issues. The discussion is carried on based on Nora?s motivation to change and the struggle or clashes between men and the society paradigm themselves. To facilitate and enhance this study, I use theory of psychology, which highlights about one?s emotional being and the theory of conflict, which stresses out about the clashes between the environment and Nora character. Subsequently, on my findings, it is revealed that Nora changes herself gradually from a feeble, frail, and dependable woman to a tough, strong-willed and independent one. It all happened because she has fed up by being treated as a doll by the men and by the social regulation set in the 18 th century. Finally, through her solid persistence and determination, it turns out that as a final point, she succeeds in finding her very own and truest identity and thus begins to live her life happily without men?s control and judgments.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: drama, henrik ibsen, study, teaching
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