Lingustic features of language expressions found in Aime Colums Jawa Pos

Pregiastuti, Endah (2008) Lingustic features of language expressions found in Aime Colums Jawa Pos. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study discusses about analysis of linguistic features of language expressions found in "Aime" column, Jawa Pos. The writer wants to find out the characteristic features and the purpose or the meaning of the usage such features in "Aime" column. In the analysis, the writer uses the descriptive qualitative approach. The writer takes certain articles of "Aime" column, March 2008 edition as the source of the data. Then, the writer uses four theories in analyzing the data such as Stylistic, Discourse, Semantic and Sociolinguistic. Finally, after analyzing the data, the writer has found the characteristic of "Aime", at first; "Aime" mostly uses Metaphor and Simile than other figure of speech. Second, the writer finds that beside Metaphor and Simile, "Aime" also mostly uses Simple sentence than other sentences (Compound and Complex sentence). Third, the writer finds that there are many informal languages instead of formal language. Fourth characteristic of "Aime" that the writer find is the domination of English code mixing and code switching. The last characteristic is the new invented terms that created by "Aime" which attracts the teenagers readers.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: code mixing, code switching, figures of speech, linguistic, features, sentence
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