The Grammatical morphemes errors produced by the students of English Department

P, Rut Septiana K (2008) The Grammatical morphemes errors produced by the students of English Department. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study reveals the English grammatical morphemes errors, in terms of function words produced by Speaking VI students of Petra Christian University English Department in the Foreign Language learning process. The purpose of the study is to find out types of errors and the frequency produced by the students in the presentations. In order to support the analysis, the writer used the theory of English grammatical morphemes related to function words by Lesley Jeffries (2006). In order to find out the types of errors produced, she classified the errors based on Target Modification Taxonomy proposed by Carl James (1998), which consists of omission, addition, misformation, misordering, and blends. The finding of this research shows that the most frequently English function words error produced is conjunction. Then, it is followed by preposition, determiner, auxiliary verb and the last is pronoun. Based on target Modification Taxonomy, the most frequent type of error produced is addition, followed by omission, misformation, misordering, and blends. From the result, it can be seen that most of all the English grammatical morphemes have not been used correctly. Thus, the English learners have to pay more attention toward them.

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