An Analysis of turn taking strategies used in three males' chatting

, Hongky (2004) An Analysis of turn taking strategies used in three males' chatting. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis investigates the kinds of turn taking strategies used in the three males? chatting. The importance of turn taking strategies in chatting has motivated the writer to conduct this study. In his study, he wants to figure out about the highest occurrence of turn taking strategies and how the way males converse and use turn taking strategies in chatting. The writer derives turn taking strategies from Stenstrom?s classification, that are taking the turn including starting up, taking over and interrupting, holding the turn containing filled pauses and verbal fillers, silent pauses, repetition and new start, and yielding the turn consisting of prompting, appealing and giving up. The subject of this study is three males of English Department students including the writer himself and his close friends. This thesis uses qualitative descriptive approach because the writer attempts to calculate and describe the data which he gets from the chatting. To collect the data, the writer records the chatting between the subjects of research in his house to have the chatting as natural as possible. Through the analysis, the writer finds out that the three males? chatting used all kinds of turn taking strategies classified by Stenstrom. Moreover, taking the turn was the highest occurrence in the chatting. Hence, the participants produce the turn taking strategies by giving signals.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: chatting, turn taking strategies
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