Humor as a result of the violation of the cooperative principles in "din brodin" Jtv's comedy

, Yuliana (2007) Humor as a result of the violation of the cooperative principles in "din brodin" Jtv's comedy. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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There are rules that should be obeyed in order to create cooperative conversation between the speaker and hearer. Grice?s Cooperative Principles consisting of four maxims of conversation: Maxim of Quantity, Maxim of Quality, Maxim of Relation, Maxim of Manner, as the proposed principles for having smooth conversation. When people violate the criterion to be cooperative consciously or unconsciously, it may become one cause for humorous effect in a comedy. Humor which is caused by the violation is the embodiment of intelligence since it is done through manipulating the rules. This study is aimed to find out the relationship between humor and violation of cooperative principle. The object being investigated is humor occur in "Din Brodin" Jtv?s comedy of episodes 157, 158, and 159. In analyzing the data, the writer used Grice?s theory of cooperative principle. The writer used qualitative descriptive approach in conducting her research. From this study, hopefully, the comedy script writer can use violation of cooperative principle as one of mechanisms to create humor.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: cooperative principle, violation of cooperative principle, humor
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