Typical linguistic choices used by Anna and Mrs. coleman in "Freaky Friday"

Nugroho, Jong Dian Adhisty (2007) Typical linguistic choices used by Anna and Mrs. coleman in "Freaky Friday". Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Language as a means of communication not only has a function to communicate meaning but also has a form. In using language, people have their own linguistic choices. By this perception, the writer conducts her research by investigating linguistic choices of the main character in "Freaky Friday" movie. The writer interested to analyze this movie because in this movie, she sees the linguistic choices play important role to reveal the real identity of the speaker. According to Saussure, no two persons who speak alike. The writer uses this fact in order to help her to find the clue to solve the problem that is to find the typical linguistic choices used by Anna and Mrs. Coleman. After collecting the data, the writer analyzes the linguistic choices of the main characters by using two clues, that are referent and typical diction. From this finding, the writer found out certain typical linguistic choices form the main characters. The writer found that someone?s typical linguistic choices couldn?t be changed even though the soul enters the other?s body. Afterwards, it turns out the writer can conclude that linguistics property advanced by Ferdinant de Sausurre proves to be useful tool to unpack the problem in "Freaky Friday" movie.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: linguistic choices, semantics, linguistics preference
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