Affixation in grace suryani's "the puzzle of teenage life"

Dewi, Sylvie Candra (2007) Affixation in grace suryani's "the puzzle of teenage life". Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The phenomenon of teenagers? language which is mushrooming these days has inspired the writer to conduct a research about teenagers? language especially the affixation process. In this study, the writer firstly, tries to find out the languages used for the roots and for the affixes in teenagers? languages as used by Grace Suryani in her book "The Puzzle of Teenage Life". Secondly, the writer wants to find out the word building components along with the languages used. Thirdly, the writer also wants to find out the dominant language used for both the roots and affixes. In the analysis, the writer uses the morphological theory stated by Francis Katamba, Ralph W. Fasold, M. Ramlan, Subroto and Muhadjir The writer uses descriptive qualitative approach and the data are taken from the words with affixes in chapter one, two and four of Grace Suryani?s "The Puzzle of Teenage Life". In analyzing the data the writer first, puts the data taken from the book of Grace Suryani (words that contain affixes from chapter one, two and four). Then, put them in the table and identify the root of each word and state the language of each root. Secondly, the writer indicates the types of affixes used with each word whether it is prefix, infix or suffix and then states the affixes. After that, the writer states the language of the affixes used and states the word building components of the word construction to see what languages influence teenagers the most in their word choice (either the roots or the affixes). From the analysis, the writer found out that the languages which influence teenagers in constructing their words are Indonesian, Jakartanese, Javanese and English. Also, the mostly dominant language used for both the roots and affixes is Indonesian.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: morphology, affix, affixation and word construction
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