Analysis of illocutionary acts in victory speech and inaugural speech of Barrack Obama

Muskananfola, Isanna A (2009) Analysis of illocutionary acts in victory speech and inaugural speech of Barrack Obama. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study was a descriptive qualitative study on Illocutionary Acts of speeches delivered by Barrack Obama, ?Victory Speech? and ?Inaugural Speech?. The writer wanted to know the classifications of Illocutionary Acts occurring the utterances in the speeches of Barrack Obama, the frequency occurred of each classification in the speeches. In analyzing ?Victory Speech? and ?Inaugural Speech?, the writer used Austin?s theory of Speech Acts, Illocutionary Acts of Searle (1976). This research was done in several steps. The findings showed that the five classifications of Illocutionary Acts with different frequencies used in both two speeches. Furthermore, it was revealed that the every classification was occurred in ?Victory Speech? and ?Inaugural Speech?, they are Representatives, Directives, Commissives, Expressives, and Declarations. Finally, it was discovered that Obama in his speeches used several acts of each classification to transmit his message to the audiences, mainly in the way to assert the fact, tell his beliefs, promise some future actions, invite the audiences and declare something.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: speech act, illocutionary act
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