The figures of speech used by the writer of "Pojok" column in "Kompas" newspaper

Wijaya, Vinna Karina (2007) The figures of speech used by the writer of "Pojok" column in "Kompas" newspaper. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This research observed the figures of speech used by "Pojok" column?s writer. By figures of speech, speakers and writers were able to express their opinion in a way rather than the ordinary way or saying one thing yet meaning another. In "Pojok" column, the writer of "Pojok" column delivered his or her idea by using the figures of speech. In "Kompas" newspaper, the writer of "Pojok" column used the figures of speech to make this column interesting and entertaining to be read because of the inderectness way in expressing opinion. To investigate the classification of figures of speech, the writer used Perrine?s theory (1984). The writer investigated "Pojok" column of "Kompas" newspaper which was published in February 2007. Then, the data were classified based on the criterias of figures of speech by Perrine?s theory. After analyzing the data, the writer found out that there were seven types of figures of speech which used by the writer of "Pojok" column, they were Metaphor, Personification, Irony, Similes, Symbol, Hyperbole, and Allusion, with Metaphor as the most dominant type of figures of speech occurred in "Pojok" column. These findings showed the characteristics of the writer of "Pojok" column to share opinion without insulted the others.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: stylistics, figures of speech
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