Form and Meaning of Batak Toba House Ornaments

Sitinjak, Ronald Hasudungan Irianto and Wardani, Laksmi Kusuma and Thamrin, Diana (2016) Form and Meaning of Batak Toba House Ornaments. Advanced Science Letters, 22 (12). pp. 4050-4053. ISSN ISSN: 19366612 (Print): EISSN: 19367317 (Online)

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        This research aims to discover the local wisdom of ancient cultural products in Indonesia, specifically the ornamental decorations of the Batak Toba traditional house in North Sumatra. Using Panofskys iconological approach of analysis, the research investigates the form and meaning contained in the various ornaments attached to house. The data were collected through literature studies and field observations, which were analyzed under two consecutive stages. The first stage interprets the ornaments textual meanings (Preiconography), while the second stage discovers their contextual meanings (Iconography). Results reflect that, in terms of form, the ornamental decorations of the Batak Toba house were majorly inspired by phenomenon and objects of nature that have been stylized, while some were imaginative and novel in character. Further investigations revealed that the ornaments contain meanings that reflect the peoples spiritual beliefs of Banua Tonga (middle world) being in a harmonious relationship with Banua Ginjang (upper world) and Banua Toru (lower world). They also represent the life visions and philosophies of the Batak Toba society: Hamoraon (prosperity), Hagabeon (fertility), and Hasangapon (honor).

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