A Study of cohesive devices used in mini advertisements of Jawa Pos newspaper

Ellianti, Kristiana (1997) A Study of cohesive devices used in mini advertisements of Jawa Pos newspaper. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The writer carries out a research for her thesis entitled A Study of Cohesive Devices Used In Mini Advertisements of Jawa Pos Newspaper. This thesis is limited to the mini advertisements of houses in Surabaya in Jawa Pos published on Monday, 2 September 1996. The problems which come up in this research are, what are the surface structure and the deep structure of each mini advertisement, what cohesive devices are most often used in mini advertisements, and what types of relationship occur in mini advertisements. For the analysis, she uses theory of cohesive devices by Halliday and Hasan, and the theory of deep structure and surface structure by Chomsky as the supporting theory. The writer analyzes the data by giving some explanations and also using table. After getting the findings, she makes a conclusion. In the conclusion, she finds that there are six types of mini advertisements in term of the surface structure used. She also finds mat ellipsis and substitution are the types of cohesive devices which are most often used. For the relationships which occur between sentences, reference, reference deletion, and reference substitution are the types which most often occur.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: cohesive devices, advertisement, Jawa Pos newspaper, deep structure
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