A Study on the development of Pip's character in Charles Dickens's Great Expectation

Inayaty, Patricia (1997) A Study on the development of Pip's character in Charles Dickens's Great Expectation. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The thesis discusses about Pip's character development as affected by his surroundings. He has changes his character when he lives in London. This makes the thesis writer assumes that the surroundings might influence Pip's character, and she wants to know if the surroundings are able to affect Pip's character. The thesis writer finds that his living with his sister, his working days with Miss Havisham and Estella cause Pip to have the desire to be a gentleman. During the treatments in his childhood, he acquires an opinion related to wealth and power. He thinks that by having money, he can gain power to control his life. This opinion leads him to become a snob and an arrogant person. Fortunately, after receiving genuine love and kindness from Joe and Magwitch, Pip realizes that kindness is more important than wealth, and he becomes a grateful person. He finally leads a happy life. From the analysis, the thesis writer concludes that the surroundings, especially other characters, play an important role in shaping the one's character.

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