An Analysis on language forms and function of pager messages

Dwiyanti, Frida (1997) An Analysis on language forms and function of pager messages. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study analyzed the language forms and functions of pager messages. The forms and functions were analyzed based on the messages transmitted by the pager operators to the owners of the pager machine. The writer used the quantitative and qualitative approaches in doing this study. The data were taken from the pager operating company, Multi Larasati Company in Surabaya. In analyzing the data, the basic theory which the writer used were Olsen and Brown's theory of language functions. As an analysis of language forms and functions of messages in one pager company in Surabaya, this thesis was chiefly concerned with Bahasa Indonesia forms. Prom the analysis, it was found that there were single function, double functions and multi functions that occured in pager communication process. Single function was characterized by one purpose which was the language function and presented in the head in the message. Double functions were characteruzed by two purposes in the heads; while multi functions were the messages which had more than two purposes. The Heads which mostly occured in pager messages were sending information, asking for an action and questioning. There were also pm-heads which opened up the messages and post-heads which closed the message. These pre-heads and post-heads, that were various and had different functions, appeared side-by-side with the occurence of the head.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: pager operators, pager machine, language functions, messages, multi functions
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