A Case study on the word-acquisition's development of a twenty two-month-old boy

Kusnadi, Ira Patricia (1998) A Case study on the word-acquisition's development of a twenty two-month-old boy. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The writer of the thesis was interested in looking at the vocabulary acquisition of a twenty-two-month-old boy. Therefore, she focused her study mainly on the semantic and syntactic features of the word-acquisition-growth of a child, which was based on the Brown?s theory. Through his analysis, Brown found that the children?s word-acquisition-development pass through five stages from the early age, each of which is characterised by an index, called MLU (mean Length Utterance): Based on Brown?s result, the thesis writer did a case study on the vocabulary-acquisition of a . twenty two month-old boy. Especially, she studied or looked at the one-word, two word and other utterances? acquisition of the boy in order to know the average number of morphemes in his utterances, the semantic and syntactic features of his utterances. Later on, this could prove whether Brown?s theory was applicable or not for the word acquisition development of the Indonesian children. Therefore, to gather the data, the observer came to the respondent?s house around four times a week for over than two months. As a participant observer, she liked to point to some objects or showed some pictures of certain objects in a newspaper or magazine. Then, she asked the subject to call them

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Uncontrolled Keywords: vocabulary acquisition, twenty-two-month-old boy, semantic, syntactic, utterances
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