A Character study of Amory Blaine in this side of paradise

Argowidjojo, Esther (1990) A Character study of Amory Blaine in this side of paradise. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis talks about F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel, This Side of Paradise. The focus of the discussion is on the characterization of the main character. Amory Blaine, the main character goes through a development in his character while he is growing up. Amory is an egotist at the beginning of the story. This egotism is partly shaped by his mother. Amory develops when he is exposed to the society. He always thinks about himself and he wants to be admired by other people. Moreover, he wants to do everything he likes. So he becomes ambitious to reach popularity and power. He wants to have the position the other important men have achieved. He thought the road to maturity is through worldly success. During his school days, Amory has to face many experiences which influence his romantic Ideals of youth and mostly his egotism. He has to go through his unsuccessful romances and his failure in Princeton. All of these experiences throws away his egotism. Gradually Amory is thrusted to the reality of life. At the end of the story, Amory realizes his false ideals and concepts. He has learned the real quality of being a mature man which is the same as the term of "personage" that Darcy wants him to be. With a cry out Amory states his realization about himself. This shows his starting point to change.

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