A Discourse approach to the study of illocutionary acts in "baywatch"

, Debby (1997) A Discourse approach to the study of illocutionary acts in "baywatch". Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is a study of illlocutianary acts in one of Western television serial programs played on RCTI. The writer analysed the conversation in four episodes based on Hurley and Heasley in concept of illocutionary acts and Hymes' ethnografy of speaking. Furthermore, she also catagorized the illocutionary acts in "Baywatch". She has found out that the illocutionary acts in "Baywatch" are accusing, accepting, admitting, apologiz ing, assuring, advising, challenging, complaining, condol- ing, congratulating, complementing, giving permission, depIoring, leave taking, mocking, offering, 5 promising, protesting, refusing, thanking. These twenty acts could be catagorised into two groups: direct and indirect. She also found that the element of ethnography of speaking which are useful in analyzing the illocutionary acts in "Bay-watch" are participant, event, setting and topic. The writer conclude that the illocutionary of utterances depends on social convention and context. By taking into account social convention and context, we can cor rectly identify the illocutionary acts made by people.

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