The Code-switching used by Srimulat comedy entertainer in Indosiar

Margaretha, Jesicca and Margaretha, Jesicca (1999) The Code-switching used by Srimulat comedy entertainer in Indosiar. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is about the code-switching used by Srimulat comedy entertainers in Indosiar television program. Of their unique language behavior, the writer was interested in analyzing the codes the entertainers used, the code-switching which occurred in their dialogues, the types of clause of the code-switching, and the three factors (speaker-hearer, topic, and function) affecting the code-switching occurrences. To collect the data, she took one episode of Srimulat show and focused only on the spoken code-switching. She listened and recorded the whole dialogue. Then, it was divided into ten parts. The result shows that the codes used are : consultative Indonesian, casual Indonesian, and Ngoko Javanese. The code-switching utterances occurrences were mostly affected by speaker-hearer, topic, and function. The writer concluded that the casual Indonesian (Indonesian sprinkled with Ngoko Javanese elements) was used dominantly by Srimulat. For the code-switching, the casual Indonesian - Ngoko Javanese combination occurred frequently in the form of a pair of independent clauses. The servant was the main character who uttered the code-switching mostly. The topics used frequently were family and love. The main function was joking. Obviously, the code-switching in Srimulat aimed at creating humorous dialogues.

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