A Study of Hokkien language shift among the third generation of Hokkien Chinese family in Surabaya

, Susana (1999) A Study of Hokkien language shift among the third generation of Hokkien Chinese family in Surabaya. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study is a field research which studies the language shift in the second and third generation of Hokkien family in Surabaya . The writer chooses this topic because as the third Hokkien generation she cannot speak Hokkien language but still understand. This condition makes her curious to observe further the Hokkien language which shift in the third generation. In order to support the analysis, the writer uses some theories. They are language shift theory, lexical theory, parts of speech and also form and function theoiy. In getting the data, the writer uses tape recording. She asks the respondents to create a conversation by giving them such functions like apologizing, thanking disagreeing, refusing and admiring. Then the writer records all the conversations and uses those conversations as the data . The subjects are the Hokkien Chinese family living in Surabaya and the family consisting of three generations. Finally, in analyzing the data the writer finds that the languages used by each generation are the first generation uses Hokkien, the second generation can use both Hokkien and Indonesian, while die third generation uses Indonesian. The second analysis is about the form of Hokkien language shift. Here, the writer finds that the third generation has been shift to Indonesian in the form of sentences.

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