A Study of the use of address terms among Javanese servants toward their Tionghoa masters in Surabaya

Dyah, Tri Retnaning (1999) A Study of the use of address terms among Javanese servants toward their Tionghoa masters in Surabaya. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study is an analysis of the use of address term among w~\mv*4T> 4-f\\ trnnA fhaii* T"t /->?-> rrVy /-wo m o r f a rp T^V>#> <t mi-ar- AAn/>or>ft*nfop -'i V ctino LV/ vvcu v* invu x IUH^IIUU iitcioiwi o. x nw vvi uvi vun^vnu u-ivo only oil the address terms used by the servants. Related to the study, the writer uses theories of definition of address form by Krisdaiaksana and Bright, and theories of the use of address form by Holmes, Wardhaugh, ?-f L O > f A A U 1 1U .*. KSX V *"> U l lU *-->! V f l it MA AW* %_? 11111U> A , 111 g V l t l l lg VandC4.L44., CilV* VVI ltV/1 U1JIV1J C4 kJV/k V/X \J U V J H V ^l lJ i.V/ 11V1 respondents. The questions are focused to answer four main questions in this study: (1) What address terms are used by the Javanese servants to their 1v> VUUvUUVll V/A. tHW </UV UllvJV JV1 T CtllliJ th^ir Tinncrhna mactf>rc9 /"^^ F^n nap VI A^ A A .A. A V/ A Ab^A 1 WA A A A%>%h> V ^^A %~* * \ <p^ ff ?^ V W^<^^^< education, and sex of the masters influence the Javanese servants' ways of addressing their Tionghoa masters? (4) What are the reasons affecting the use of the address terms: the servants' own wish, the masters' command, or the imitation of other servants? From the data gathered, the writer finds out that the address terms used to address both the younger and elder masters' child are "Sinyo/Nonik", "Mas/Mbak", "Koko/Cece", and the first name. To address the adult female masters are the terms "Ibu", "Nyonya", "Tante", "Cik", i UK , Nya iviuua , i UK Due , anu i UK LIK . 10 auuieSs me auuu inaic masters are "Bapak", "Tuan", "Om", "Koh", and "Yuk". To address the oid female masters are "Ibu", "Nyonya", "Nya Dhe", "Mak", "Mama", "Tante", "Vnlr Dhf" "VnL'" "Pil-" QnH "N/fKoV." Tr> QHHI-^CO thp r.1H HIQIP mqctprc otv> A V<l\ J-* i A^T , JL W<A<- . V_^ AAV , U l lU ?!? ? i l ^M ll . A %S V*V<V<A ^k/k> V11V V IM 111M1V 111MI/WV1 kS V** ^/ "Bapak", "Tuan Besar", "Tuan", "Engkong", "Papa", "Om", "Yuk Dhe", and "Yuk". Regarding the servants; age of the servants gives bigger influence than the education to the way they address their masters. Regarding the masters; age, education, and sex of the masters offer effects to the servants' way of addressing them. The writer also finds that the most reason affecting the use of the address term is the servants' own wish.

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