Codes and linguistic categories produced by the six-year-old-multilingual child

Natalia, Deisy (2009) Codes and linguistic categories produced by the six-year-old-multilingual child. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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In this study, the writer investigated the types of codes and linguistic categories in each code used by a six-year-old-multilingual child. The theory of code by Wardhaugh (2006), bilingualism and multilingualism by Weinreich (1968), Wolfson (1989), Hoffmann (1991), Altarriba and Heredia (2008), linguistic categories by Labov (1973), Ehrlich and Murphy (1976), Newby (1987), Li and Thompson (1989), Zhao (1991), Taylor (2003), Kessler and McDonald (2004), Swan (2005), and Chaer (2006) as well as descriptive approach were used in this research. Fifty utterances were analyzed. The result of the analysis showed that the child used Indonesian (68,63%), Mandarin (29,41%), and English (1,96 %) codes. Also, it was found that the number of occurrences of linguistic categories in word level was 15,72%, in phrase level 30%, in dependent clause level 7,14%, and in sentence level 47,14%. The child did not express any English words, Indonesian adverb and preposition phrases, Mandarin adjective, adverb and preposition phrases, and English phrases. The child did not express independent clause in each code either.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: code, linguistic categories, multilingual
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