Improvement for foot sealing area at glost selection department in PT Doulton

Chandra, Lia Agustine and , Jenni (2008) Improvement for foot sealing area at glost selection department in PT Doulton. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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PT Doulton is one of the world?s leading manufacturers and distributors in the premium ceramic tabletop and collectors market. Foot sealing is one of the process in PT Doulton that is used to seal flatware?s foot for earthenware products. This foot sealing area still needs to be improved in many ways, on its productivity, quality and utility. Due to reach the optimal level for each process in foot sealing, there are several wastes that need to be reduced and eliminated. Most of the waste related to unnecessary motion that was done by operators. Changing the process layout and stacking mode are the methods that are being used to handle the problems. Decreasing the work shifts can increase the machines? utility. By reducing those wastes, productivity reach better condition by 7,3% of work time. Stacking mode also affect the defectives percentage and decrease by 0,398%. Reducing waste does not stop at once, it will be done continuously so that those process can implement continuous improvement.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: continuous improvement, productivity, waste
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