The Main male character's problems in his marriage life in Tanizaki's Naomi

Aulia, Jessica (2008) The Main male character's problems in his marriage life in Tanizaki's Naomi. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Tanizaki was one of the major writers of modern Japanese Literature, and remains perhaps the most popular Japanese novelist after Natsume Soseki. Choosing Tanizaki's work was led by the climax of the main male's depression his marriage life with an Electra-complex and fetishist girl named Naomi. Suffering in his marriage, Joji tried to overcome problems occurred. The thesis writer applies anxiety in the first place, and then defense mechanism: repression and denial by Sigmund Freud, from an intersubject perspective, takes shape in formative intersubjective interactions in which particular experiences are treated as unspeakable. Psychoanalysis is believed to be the most useful in dealing with ingrained problems of intimacy and relationship and those problems in which established patterns of life are problematic. Depression comes next after the ways of the main male character's defense mechanisms failed. Finally, the writer may conclude that Joji's problems which are his anxiety caused by Naomi's attitude, and his defense toward it, have bring him to a major psychological disorder called depression.

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