Indirect refusal strategies of the main characters utterances in "A Walk to Remember"

Andriani, Diana (2008) Indirect refusal strategies of the main characters utterances in "A Walk to Remember". Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis entitled "Indirect Refusal Strategies of the Main Characters utterances in "A Walk to Remember" is a study of indirect refusal in one of teenager films. This movie was created based on the novel "A Walk to Remember" written by Nicholas Sparks and the screenplay produced by Karen Janszen. Refusal may happen in daily conversation among people in their relationship. Refusal happens because one of them cannot fulfil the request or offer. The problem of this research is the change of feeling from Landon to Jamie through refusals. In collecting the data, the writer used two stages, she watched the film several times, and she transcribed it. In doing the analysis, she also used four stages. First, she identified the first pair of refusal. Second, she identified the refusal utterances. Third, she identified the indirect refusal utterances and the last she analysed them. In this research, the writer found that in the communication, the main characters used the first pair of refusal based on Beebe and Takahashi (1985). The refusals are refusals of suggestion, request, and invitation. Besides, she also found the three types of indirect refusal, which are an expression of positive opinion, an expression of regret and an expression of excuse, reason or explanation.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: indirect refusals, refusal strategies, adjacency pair
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