Gender differences in chatting between male and female students of Petra Christian University

Agustien, Shierly (1998) Gender differences in chatting between male and female students of Petra Christian University. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Chatting is a relaxed talk among people in informal situation and considered as a loose conversation. Many linguists believe that there are differences in the way men and women chat. This study analyzed the different types of topics and patterns in chatting in the male group, the female group, and also in the rnixed-sex group. Besides, it also shows how the stages in the pattern are linguistically realized. The data were obtained through recording the subjects of each group while they were chatting for a half hour. The data then were analyzed by classifying the topics according to McCarthy's definition of topics and Hudson's definition of patterns. The findings show that 'persons' is the typical topic in the female group and 'objects/belongings' is the typical topic in the male. In terms of pattern, after using declarative sentence, the female tended to give additional response (s) or information, while the male tended to question each other after nominating by questioning. In v the mixed-sex group, on the other hand, both sexes tried to adjust to each other by using the topics and patterns usually used by the other sex. However, typical male topics and male pattern still mostly occurred.

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