Studi tentang teknologi "personal communication network" GSM-1800

Chayimin, Charly (2000) Studi tentang teknologi "personal communication network" GSM-1800. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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PCN/DCS-1800 first time introduced at United Kingdom in 1989. PCN/DCS-1800 is a digital mobile communication system using frequency 1,7 GHz -2,3 GHz. This spectrum is familiar to be used at crowded area which need many phone line, like a capitol city or a metro city. PCN/DCS-1800 use micro-cell technology, so it can produce low transmit power from every Base Station. PCN/DCS-1800 accomodate 3 times more channel capacity than other digital system, GSM 900. PCN/DCS-1800 support the using of dual band handset (900/1800), due to the use of similar core technology. PCN/DCS-1800 use low transmitter powers following evaluation of various multioperator mass-market operational scenarios and careful selection of radio parameters. In this Paper The system of PCN/DCS-1800 which expand from digital mobile telecommunication, have apply in many cpuntries. The system of PCN/DCS-1800 become a solution for crowded area which need may line for telecommunication. The Result of this Paper is a picture of PCN system has een introduced in United Kingdom and apply in many country.

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