Study on the development of automation coding and classification system based on step

Julistiono, Irwan Kristanto (1997) Study on the development of automation coding and classification system based on step. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Nowadays, the development in technology always make human can live and work more easily and nicely, especially in industrial field. People think how to make their work can be done automatically by the technology. So, many vendors try to generate its application, which try to realize people's dream. In order to unify all the applications, STEP (Standard Exchange Product model data) standard was born. STEP standard, which more known as ISO 10303, will give the standard for all vendors and countries in generating their applications. So, in the future, all computer system in the world, especially in manufacturing computer system (CAD and CAPP) will be connected one each other. Not all of manufacturing function will be placed in the same place, i.e. designing process can be placed in another place with the manufacturing process. This paper will implemented STEP standard in one of manufacturing field. Part Coding process as one of manufacturing fields has been choose for this project. With Part Coding, all engineering part (i.e. bearing etc.) will be code and then can be easily detected by the designer. If implemented in STEP, this project will try to code some of engineering part automatically, so people's dream to make all manufacturing process can be worked automatically, can be realization. This paper will use Opit'z Coding system as the based of coding system.

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