A Thematic study of E.M. Forster's the longest journey

Hartatiek, Theresia Maria (1991) A Thematic study of E.M. Forster's the longest journey. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The Analysis on "A Study of Theme in Forster's The Longest Journey" deals with the journey of the protagonist's life Rickie Elliot. The Story develops on the characters of Rickie, related to the other supporting characters. It also includes places places, events and experiences that deals with the life of Rickie Elliot. The author of The Longest Journey mostly describes the main character as an unstable figure facing the facts of his life. The discussion of the thesis is the focused on the journey experienced by Rickie to meet his self realization at the end of the journey. The discussion concentrates on to development of the character from his childhood to adulthood. It describes the conflicts and struggles of the protagonist to realize and try to accept facts about his parents, his talent, his ambition, his friendship and his marriage. Those facts bring the protagonist to find himself fully, the lone of failure is also significant in the journey of Rickie. The thesis analyzes by using the approach of the theory of theme, the idea or general truth about life that a piece of fiction reveals. The analysis gives the portrait of a young man who is idealistic, but then feels despair and disappointed because he fails to meet his idealism. Its expected that the study will be helpful for those who want to know about Forster's work as well as the description of the main character.

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