A study on man's restless and vain life as revealed in Henry Vaughan's "man", "peace", and "the world"

Rohanna, Ully (2001) A study on man's restless and vain life as revealed in Henry Vaughan's "man", "peace", and "the world". Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The thesis writer realizes that knowing views of other people about life can give a life full with realizations - the realizations about one?s self in relation with his/ her surroundings. She wants to know idea of life from religious side. Therefore, she chooses the works of a seventeenth - century poet since there was a great appreciation on religious poems. The works, which are analyzed, are Vaughan?s religious poems in order to reveal his religious idea on man?s life. At first, she analyzes the conditions of man?s life which are restless and vain. Such a condition of man?s life is gained from the thesis writer?s first reading. Later on, the thesis writer tries to know the cause of such a life in relation with God, expressed in Vaughan?s poems. She also analyzes the speakers? response toward man's life condition. In analyzing the poems, the thesis writer uses some concepts of literary devices. They are denotation and connotation, imagery, figurative language, repetition, allusion and tone. The concepts of literary devices is gained by doing library research. The research is carried out not only to get concepts of literary devices, which are used in the analysis, but also data, related to Vaughan and his works. After getting all data which is needed, the thesis writer starts doing the analysis. Through the analysis, the thesis writer gets findings which strengthen the idea that man has restless and vain life. Through the analysis, she also finds out the cause of man?s life condition and the speakers? response toward the condition as well. The cause of the two conditions is man?s separated life from God Realizing that man?s restless and vain life is caused by man?s separation from God makes the speakers give response toward the conditions, and the response of the speakers is regret.

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