Lessons from The AA Batteries:rational and emotional economic value modeling in describing consumer-buying decision making

Widjaya, Amir (2005) Lessons from The AA Batteries:rational and emotional economic value modeling in describing consumer-buying decision making. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The following research project aims to elucidate further the concept of rational-emotional value both from the facts and perception perspective. From the facts perspective, this research attempt to construct an economic or financial modeling, whereas from the perception perspective, the research will adopt Sweeney and Soutar?s consumer perceived value-multiple item scale (2001). The research firstly examines the gap between the facts and perception of consumer value, which explains why consumers buy products not for their features or their specific functionalities but rather for the perceived benefits that product deliver. A methodology of using AA batteries as the medium of comparative study between facts and perception, which further uses for explaining the emotional-rational phenomenon, is due to the fact that; AA batteries appear to be the simplest consumer goods with the least differentiating factors / attributes among their various brands competition. Consequently, this study of AA batteries simplifies the research project to construct the rational-emotional economic value modeling. The research shows that different consumers will choose different brands due to the differences in their proportion of rational and emotional driven buying decision making. There are four profiles of consumers illustrated based on this rational and emotional value proposition. Due to this different consideration, they prefer different brands (goods/services) with different rational-emotional appeal proportion. Furthermore, certain brands indeed have higher proportion of emotional perceived value compared to the rational perceived value. It explains how they shift up from purely rational appeal to be more emotional appeal brand to attract the consumers, especially the ones who appreciate emotional value.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: AA batteries, economic value, emotional value, rational value, perceived value, consumer behavior, buying decision making
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