The Effect of the change in organizational structure to operation management

Agung, Hardi and Luize, Wena (2003) The Effect of the change in organizational structure to operation management. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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There is a certain problem related to the restructuring of the organizational structure of AJBS. Starting with the problem "why did structure change? "How can AJBS open more stores if they have to face hard problems from many factors7 AJBS changed the organizational structure from decentralization to the centralized organizational structure. The authors also compare the advantages and disadvantages of the organizational structures, the new and the old. The CEO of AJBS is the leader who thinks that he can handle the entire management, He think that by the new organizational structure, the misunderstanding of communication from CEO to the lower managers reduced. The CEO uses the autocratic style of leadership using the new organization structure. AJBS wants to open 12 more stores this year, of which only three stores opened already. AJBS need improvement in their work system to solve their problems, On the contrary, the CEO wants to centralize the organization which can give response faster. In the last chapter, the authors conclude that the old organization structure is better for AJBS, because the bigger company needs more decentralization, not centralization. The CEO will not be able to handle the big company in the centralized and flat organization.

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