Analysis of promotion and customer relationship marketing in Honda Basuki Rachmat Workshop

Julia, Anna (2004) Analysis of promotion and customer relationship marketing in Honda Basuki Rachmat Workshop. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Nowadays, the competition in car industry becoming more and more aggressive. Therefore, as one of the big car distribution in East Java, Honda Basuki Rachmat (HBR) should concern about its performance primarily of its services. One of the factors that customers will do repeating buying is influenced more by satisfaction of its services. For this reason, HBR should pay attention of its service department or workshop. The writer uses primary and secondary data as the research method and uses descriptive approach to analyze it. She did survey, interview, and observation to get more information about HBR customers opinions toward its workshop. The results of the analysis show that increasing sales in workshop begins from increasing customer satisfaction index. Besides improving service performances, including human resources quality and atmosphere, HBR workshop need appropriate promoting strategies by Customer Relationship Marketing and Marketing Communication Mix for services. Optimistically, by applying regular promotion strategies such as advertising, holding automotive events, and so forth HBR workshop unit-in could increase significantly. Still, all of the strategies can be done well if HBR workshop increase its human resource quantity and quality, and also renovate its atmosphere.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: honda basuki rachmat workshop, promoting strategies and service performance, increase unit-in cars
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