Improving intercultural communication in golden river restaurant in order to avoid misunderstanding

Ratnawati, Linda and Liman, Sianne Juita Sari (2002) Improving intercultural communication in golden river restaurant in order to avoid misunderstanding. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is written by the writers as the requirement to finish the writers? study in Hotel Management of Petra Christian University, Indonesia and in CHN (Christelijke Hogeschool Noord-Nederland). On the whole, this thesis will analyze the influence of culture difference toward communication process of organizational members. And in the same time will also be examined how to make the communication between the supervisor (restaurant?s owner) and the employees and also between the employees themselves, in this case the writers will specialize in hospitality industry that is Golden River Restaurant (Chinese Specialization Restaurant), which has some cultural differences in it that could be the barrier for the communication and will stimulate misunderstanding. This thesis will be divided into six chapters. Chapter one will tell about the research review and the research problem. Research problem can also be considered as the case study that needs to be analized and to find the solutions. It describes the kind of problem that will be examined during this research, the reason as the problem, and about the research questions and research objectives which can give a sign to the reader about the main problem that have to be dealt with. The second chapter is called literature review. This chapter addressed a number of theories concerning communication, culture, cultural differences and the influence of the culture on communication. Research methodology will be placed in chapter three. There can be seen the method which is used during the process of writing this thesis is qualitative method, and the data sources will be divided into two sources, such as: 1. Primary data source, this data will be get by interviewing, giving questionnaire and observing. 2. Secondary data source, this data will be taken from some literatures related to the research that support the thesis Chapter four is reviewing all about the company where the writers do the research. It begins with the historical overview of the company, the short explanation about the target market of the company, and the organizational chart. The fifth chapter is the main discussion of this thesis whereas all datas that have been collected through interview, observation, and questionnaires are being analized. In chapter six, as the last chapter of this thesis, conclusion from the whole of the thesis and also some recommendations which could be implemented in the restaurant in order to overcome the communication obstacles, in other word to make the communication in the restaurant better to avoid misunderstanding. By the end of this thesis, which is called appendixes, writers will enclose the explanation about the job description of all the parties in Golden River restaurant and also the questions from the questionnaire.

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