English grammatical errors found in the writing assigment of the basic I level student at Kelt

Effendi, Anyta Oktavia (2002) English grammatical errors found in the writing assigment of the basic I level student at Kelt. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Grammar is an essential requirement toward a successful result in learning any language, including English. The grammatical error in speaking is tolerable since people focus more on the message. On the contrary, people have to pay more attention both to what they want to say (substance) and also how they are going to express their ideas (medium) in writing. The grammatical errors in writing may/will distort and disturb the coherence of the piece of writing By using correct grammatical rules, it will ensure good writing. It is for this reason that, I am eager to analyze the grammatical errors in the writing assignment of the basic I level students at KELT (Key English Language Learning). I use qualitative method since I will identify and classify the type of grammar errors and find the frequency of the occurrence of the errors made by the students of KELT. While doing this, I will also provide the correct forms for the errors. In this research, I am not concerned with the reasons why they produce grammatical those errors. As soon as a grammar rules is broken, an error has been committed. In conducting the thesis, I use the theory of Jack. C. Richards based on his book, ?Error analysis Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition?. He classifies the grammatical errors into 6 categories. They are Errors in the Production of Verb Groups, Errors in the Distribution of Verb Groups, Miscellaneous Errors, Errors in the Use of Prepositions, Errors in the Use of Articles, and Errors in the Use of Questions. After analyzing the data, the writer only finds 4 kinds of errors, namely, errors in the Production of Verb Groups, miscellaneous Errors, errors in the use of prepositions and errors in the use of articles. Most students tend to make errors in the production of verb group, especially in the agreement of verb with subject and tenses. Finally, l recommend that the teacher and students pay more attention on the internalization of grammatical rules. I hope that this thesis will give the teachers and students a better understanding about grammar.

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