A study of the revelation of themes in Anthony torllope's the last chronicle of barset

Santosa, Evy (2002) A study of the revelation of themes in Anthony torllope's the last chronicle of barset. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Anthony Trollope was the third major mid -century writer who was also known as a moralist writer of the nineteenth century. He gained his reputation because of the quality of his writing was amazing. He wrote fifty novels and among all, The Last Chronicle of Barset is the finest novel that was written by Anthony Trollope. This novel is the last sequel of the Barsethire series. In this fabulous novel, Trollope poured out his own youth experience into the four stories of the novel. The world admits that this novel is a masterpiece. There are six prominent themes that can be found out in this fabulous novel, they are: love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty. The study to reveal the theme is very much interesting because the moral value that the author put on it can also be seen. Hence, the analysis on this novel through the study of the themes of the four stories is very significant in order to find out how the six themes can be revealed. In answering to the problem of this thesis, the purpose of doing this study is to reveal the themes by using the help of two literary devices, which are: characterization and conflict. Furthermore, these six themes are the themes that unify the four stories into a novel. These two literary devices are indeed two appropriate tools to discover the six themes because in every major characters? attitude throughout the stories reveal the six themes of the novel, also their conflict whether inner or outer are also very helpful in analyzing the themes of love, pride, power, disgrace, obedience, and honesty.

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