The Joads' reactions to the environment in John Steinbeck's The grapes of wrath

Kurniawati, Krissetia (2004) The Joads' reactions to the environment in John Steinbeck's The grapes of wrath. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The collapse of New York Exchange in 1929 marked the great economic depression and several natural disasters colored the American history in the thirties. Steinbeck, as one of the American Californians born in the 19th century witnessed the hardship of the Okies (the name for people who came from Oklahoma) who migrated to California in the hope of gaining a better life. Steinbeck?s The Grapes of Wrath depicts this long and hard journey of the Joads from Oklahoma to the Colorado River and finally arrive in California. The thesis writer is curious to know the Joads? reactions to the environments, how and why they react, and what decisions they make. In the analysis, the writer applies literary approach utilizing the theory of conflict as the main tool and the theory of characterization and setting as the supporting tools. The five characters in the Joads, Grandpa, Pa, Ma, Tom, and Noah, confront both outer and inner conflicts in responding to the environments. Some agree to leave the hard place, but some disagree. Each of them has their own reasons, which are revealed in the ways they react to the environments. Although they have different reactions and decisions, their endings are almost the same- they still suffer from the lacks of jobs, money and food.

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