A study of the development of the speaker's realtioship with nature as reflected in William Wordsworth's tintern abbey

, Yenny (2002) A study of the development of the speaker's realtioship with nature as reflected in William Wordsworth's tintern abbey. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis mainly deals with the development of the speaker?s relationship with Nature in William Wordsworth?s Tintern Abbey. The thesis writer finds that there are differences in the speaker?s relationship with Nature between his first visit in 1793 and his second visit in 1798 to the Wye River Valley. The thesis writer discovers through her analysis that the speaker?s first experience with Nature in 1793 is trivial because he just wants to find a simple pleasure in the outward appearance of Nature. Nature serves as a momentary escape from his worldly troubles. But then, the relationship grows profoundly. As the time goes by, the speaker begins to experience the effects of Nature on his mind and heart. Later on, Nature leads to the changing of the speaker?s attitude in facing the tribulation of life. In about 1798, on his second visit to the Wye. the speaker?s relationship develops more into significance. He has found the real values of Nature far beyond its outward appearance. His love for Nature is refined, in which there is no wild ecstasy as in the 1793 visit. The speaker then becomes a "A worshipper of Nature" and he speaks to his sister about the goodness of Nature. The thesis writer, therefore, based on this fact, is curious to know how the speaker?s relationship with Nature develops from the year 1793 to 1798. She analyzes the poem by means of literary devices such as diction, tone, imagery, some figures of speech and the dramatic monologue. After analyzing the poem, the thesis writer finds that Nature really brings a great impact to the speaker?s mind and heart that leads to his attitude change toward the plight of life. Nature has caused the speaker to be braver in facing his problem in life instead of staying away from it. Besides, not only does Nature give comfort and joy to lighten his burden of life, but also teach the speaker moral truth. Nature leads him to acts of kindness to other people. Also, Nature brings the speaker to a spiritual union with the divine spirit that dwells in Nature.

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