Gus Dur speech styles in the Jaya Suprana's show of the Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia station

Wilansari, Meiza (2002) Gus Dur speech styles in the Jaya Suprana's show of the Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia station. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study deals with the speech style used by Gus Dur in terms of television dialog. Gus Dur?s speech styles are considered unique since what he always says can cause controversy in different circles of society. His jokes and controversial statements are considered as `his own style?. This study wants to know the types of Gus Dur?s speech styles and his speech style, which occupies the highest occurrence. This is a qualitative study and she takes the data from Jaya Suprana?s show on November 2000 broadcast by Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia. The writer applied Martin Joos? theory of speech style, which is divided into five categories; frozen, formal, consultative, casual and intimate as her main theory completed by Gleason, Kridalaksana and Nababan. In analyzing the data, firstly the writer read and underlined Gus Dur?s sentences. Secondly she identified Gus Dur?s sentences based on the classification of speech styles whether they are frozen, formal, consultative, casual or intimate. Thirdly, she analyzes all the sentences based on the characteristics given by each style. Then, she put them on the tables that the characteristics shown clearly. At last she will see from each table which one occupies the highest occurrence. Through the analysis, the writer found that there are three speech styles produced by Gus Dur in Jaya Suprana show. They are formal styles, consultative styles and casual styles. Consultative styles occur mostly, followed by casual styles and at last, formal styles, which occupy the third rank. The findings of this research can show Gus Dur?s unique personality particularly in his way of speaking or his `speech styles?. Moreover, the writer concludes that Gus Dur?s speech styles are considered unique since they can reflect Gus Dur?s easygoing personality which don?t take serious important matters, can be considered satire which can cause pro and contra in society and can offend some certain circles of society. Admitedly, his jokes, which are a part of his speech styles, can also calm a strained situation in society.

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