A Study of illocutionary act in "bed cover" program of Dj FM radio presented by Julian

Salim, Liana (2006) A Study of illocutionary act in "bed cover" program of Dj FM radio presented by Julian. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is a study of illocutionary act, which is a study of making a statement in a certain form with a conventional force. Through this study, the writer wants to analyse the illocutionary act types from the presenter?s speech. The writer chooses the theory of illocutionary act types categorized by Searle to analysed the illocutionary acts type of the utterance in the data. The writer choose the program of DJ FM radio named `Bed Cover? that presented by a radio announcer named Julian because `Bed Cover? is an interactive program in which the announcer communicate actively with the callers about personal topic. It might be about their family, boyfriend or girlfriend, and many more. Those personal topics attracts the writer to know the illocutionary act behind it by analyzing the types. The analysis shows that the data have representative (29 of the data(36,7%)), directive (30 of the data(38%)), expressive (24 of the data(24%)), and commisive (one of the data(1.3%)) types of illocutionary acts, and directive is the most dominant type in the data. These results shows that Julian was tried to motivates the callers to do something by giving suggestions, advices, or daring the callers and he supported it with opinions and ideas in order to convince and persuade the caller to believe what he says.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: illocutionary act types, meaning, utterance
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