A sociolinguistic study of thanking strategies used by javanese and chinesse shopkeepers at Kembang Jepun area

Lim, Yak Su (2001) A sociolinguistic study of thanking strategies used by javanese and chinesse shopkeepers at Kembang Jepun area. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Thanking expressions as a speech act have an important role to build and establish social relationship. From sociolinguistic point of view, there are many social factors which influence people in expressing thanking. There are; sex, social class, social distance, and ethnicity. Therefore, the writer is interested in doing a research on how the shopkeeper/owners in Kembang Jepun area use the strategies of thanking to thank the same and different ethnicity, social distance, and age customers.The data of this study are taken from the open-ended questionnaires which are distributed to eight Javanese shopkeepers and eight Chinese shopkeepers in Kembang Jepun area. The data are analized by using strategies of thanking proposed by Haverkate (1 984). From the data analysis, the writer sees that Javanese and Chinese respondents have many similarities in using strategies of thanking. There is a strategy that cannot be categorized into Haverkate's theory which is used mostly by The Javanese and Chinese respondents. The writer calls it as strategy 9a, questioning, because the thanking expressions are in the question forms. Expressing gratitude, as the strategy 2 of Haverkate's theory, is also used dominantly by the Javanese and Chinese respondents. This strategy is used to thank the unknown customers, esprecially the older ones. Other strategies that are mostly used by the Javanese and Chinese respondents are strategy 1 and strategy 4 The data of the findings shows that among the three social factors (ethnicity, social distance, and age), social distance plays the most significant role in influencing the respondents in expressing the thanking.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: sociolinguistic, javanese, chinese, kembang, jepun, surabaya
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